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Finally! The original, pleated, retractable sunshade! Hassle-Free Sun Protection for a cooler car. Unlike those cardboard, spring and aluminized sunshades that require folding, propping, rolling, or storing, The Shade opens and closes in one easy motion with nothing to store!Simply pull across windshield and latch into place. No other windshield sunshade is as easy to use while effectively cooling and protecting your car's interior. The Shade retracts into a sturdy, high-temperature casing that measures less than 3/4 inch when closed. Installation is a breeze! In just a few minutes The Shade easily attaches to your windshield with high-temp 3M® foam tape and windshield mounting brackets. The Shade's ingenious patented design utilizes 2 constant tension stainless steel springs to ensure a smooth and consistent motion with every pull! PATENT # 5,170,830 Each Shade is custom-sized for your windshield! Each Shade is made of a highly Reflective Silver Fabric that blocks 100% of the harmful UV rays and up to 85% of the sun's total solar energy - cooling your car by up to 60 degrees! 2-YEAR WARRANTY! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! The Shade is guaranteed for two years against any defects in material or workmanship. We are so confident you will be happy with The Shade we guarantee it or your money back!
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